My Bucket List

Most of you have a bucket list (at least in your head) of things you would like to do in this lifetime. That list, for me,  consists of a lot of traveling all over the world that can’t be checked off until kids are grown and retirement starts.

I am laid-back in so many ways, but I am also a planner and a list maker. I get satisfaction from being able to mark things off my list. It kind of feels like a graduation day or at least calls for a happy dance when I actually finish a list!! Well, you know what I mean…it’s quite an accomplishment. Even just being able to get everything on my grocery list in one place is exciting! Since my bucket list will take years to even get to, why not have a bucket list now for my kids. The time with my family will take up most of my life and there are definitely things that I would like to make sure I complete before I go to my next exciting adventure in heaven where there are no grocery, work, laundry, or honey-do lists of any kind!! Can I get a shout?

My bucket list for my kids is not a list of places to visit, but lessons of faith and love that I hope to imprint on the hearts of my children. (My bucket list for my marriage will have to be its own post later.)

First things first….

I want my children to be secure with who they are and who they have been created to be.

The enemy is always around trying to make us feel less that who HE says we are. I hope to engrave scriptures that help them to always know who they are in Christ from the inside out!



I want them to know how unique each one of them are and to never compare themselves to anyone else. He created us to be us to be different from others.




In these days, it is so easy for children to feel entitled. I hope to change the mindset of them always thinking of themselves to how they can serve others. I hope they are always grateful for their many blessings.


 want rich

thankful consumed

It’s so important to me that they learn how to Love everyone All the time, not when it’s convenient for them or when it’s done out of selfishness. Love others for their differences, their inner beauty, and Always treat them as a child of God. He loves and cares for them as much as He does you. You’re in this life together, make it memorable not miserable.

stand for

life changing

Our children need to know that their choices are important. One day they will have to make the most important decision of their life- to follow Christ. I hope that I am able to set an example that they would wish to follow.


I want my children to grow up and be successful, but not in a wordly life. Their choice in career will not determine their status of success. I want them to have a heart of Christ for whatever career fits them. They are to have a life of service and to bring others to Christ, so as long as they are fulfilling that requirement of being a child of the King then I will stand by them in their choice of career. The most important thing in deciding what they will do is to make sure they are true to their heart and follow their dream no matter what others may think.




Never Give Up!

keep going inspire

stumble truth   victorious


open doors

My bucket list could go on forever, but a lot of things I would put on this list falls into these categories.

I realize that I won’t be able to check these things off my list as quickly as I can a grocery list because these seeds will take time to nourish, grow, and produce.

I’m okay with the process and time it will take to complete this bucket list.

What’s on your bucket list?

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