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I read a blog post several months ago titled One Little Word That Radically Changed My Prayers  that has really made an impact on my prayers. (Please take the time to click on the link above and read her post.) Many of you know that my husband had a crazy accident at the end of June that has definitely changed our lives. He’s okay and we are very thankful! On the ride to the emergency room to Savannah I remembered this post. I prayed for Chad to be okay, but most importantly

I prayed for God to 

There is no doubt that in life we will experience bumps in the road. I’ve learned to think of it this way….

look at anything with a little humor :) #MoveOn #positive #affirmation

When these things catch us off guard we automatically pray for the easy way out. We sometimes forget that the biggest blessings come when things are not going as we think they should.

Sickness, accidents, and death certainly catch us off guard, but also the little things can turn our world upside down. When we hit that road block or are experiencing a “plot twist” it’s important that we embrace it and be open to learning something along the way. Sometimes it’s also about helping those around us. It could be that in the process of a difficult time that we may be going through that a family member may be saved, someone’s faith has been made stronger, family relationships mended, or any number of things that happen when we allow God to make it count.

I’m thankful for the time that my husband and I have been able to spend together since his accident. It’s not exactly how we would have imagined it, but it’s been a blessing for me. I am thankful for the relationships that my children are building with others who have been so willing to help.

Remember that God doesn’t cause these twists to happen, but he works everything out for our good.


28 And We Know That All Things Work Together For Good To Those Who

You will be tested by major changes, by delayed promises... But know all things work together for good.

bad things may not alwas be #bad after all

Just remember when something catches you off guard to pray….

God, make it count!

Please feel free to comment how God has used your situation count.

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