This past year has been one to remember…but only the good! After reading a post from Courtney DeFeo about appreciating 2014 before stressing over 2015 has prompted me to do the same. Click here to read her post and check out what amazing things she has done this past year.

I looked back at pictures starting in January of 2014 and realized how many firsts that we experienced this year!

I followed a calling and started this blog!

My trips transitioned from cribs to big beds.


They were potty trained over Spring Break! Whoop, Whoop! No pictures to share there!

I was recognized as Teacher of the Year at my school! What an amazing honor!

ICE Shelly Lott TOTY 2014

All my babies were in Nigel and Aaron Lynn’s wedding.


They all played T-ball together. We found out that it just wasn’t the girls thing.

IMG_1560 IMG_1584

Caleb graduated from the 3 year old class at FUMC.


We had a lot of fun on our vacation.



Caleb started Pre-K!! Oh my!!

IMG_1838 IMG_1858photo-4

Girls started dance…they love it!

girls dance 2 girls dance1dance recital

Trips turned 3!!!!

trips 3rdIMG_2034

Boys first trip to an Atlanta Braves game.


Brody’s first time playing soccer with his big brother.

boys soccer

Fall Festival with cousin Jenna and Kole.

ninja princess

Emma’s first hunting trip.

emma hunting

My baby turning 5!!!! I can’t believe it!

calebs 5th

Although 2014 was a year of firsts and joy it also contains things I have intentionally not included, because I only want to remember these things.  I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions because I’m more like a daily resolution person. However, I do hope to laugh more with my family, play more with my kids, and enjoy life as it comes.

Although I know as I write this that it’s not going to be as easy as it sounds. Real life gets in the way, but I intend to make a bigger effort of how I respond to how life comes at me. I’m pretty certain I will fail at this a few times, but I will press on and I hope to get it right a few times too. One important lesson that I’ve learned this year is that God doesn’t ask us to be perfect, but He loves our imperfect progress!

Now go and reflect on your blessings and feel free to share yours with me!

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