Are You Dreaming?

How many of you had a dream that you tucked away when you had kids or thought people would think you were crazy or that it’s just too far out of your comfort zone? We were all created with a purpose! God places those dreams on our hearts and it’s up to us to follow through. Sometimes those dreams may be scary or impossible, but they can happen! It’s never too late to start living that dream and making it become reality.


If you are like me, you worry about what people think. I am definitely overcoming that mindset. I have learned that sometimes you have to take risks with your dreams and that may lead to failure.  If I fail or look silly in the process that’s okay. At least, I am stepping out and finding my path. It would be so easy to give up on this dream God gave me a year ago about this blog. I wouldn’t have to worry about looking silly or it failing miserably. It would just be so easy to do nothing.

It’s been a while since I’ve written, but it seems like I have been at a loss for words. Many thoughts have been running through my head that makes me wonder if it’s worth continuing, am I really making a difference, was this really a calling given to me?



Here’s the catch with your dream-God gave you a dream that helps to fulfill His purpose. If you won’t do it He will find someone who will. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to miss out on this amazing opportunity. God can do many miraculous things, but he won’t do everything for us. We have to work at it and know that He doesn’t call the equipped, but equips the called. I’m not sure where that phrase originally came from, but it is so true. None of us are equipped on our own. He gives us everything we need to be able to fulfill these dreams.


Following this dream He gave me means that I have to study and always have my heart open to listen for words He wants me to share. It’s not always easy. You all know what my life consists of- 2 year old triplets and a 4 year old. None of which should be an excuse of not being able to complete this dream, but an inspiration. It does, however, make it a struggle. That’s okay. He never promised me that this dream would be without humps and bumps. He did promise me that there would never be a mountain that He wouldn’t carry me over.


Those bumps can seem like mountains at times, but it’s important for me (and you) to remember that there is an outcome to our dream. There is no exact timeline for it, but it’s the journey that is so amazing. We learn, grow, and mature into the person He created us to be.  When those times come (and they will) when the devil wants to steal, kill, and destroy our dreams and you feel like giving up think about…


Those feelings of being overwhelmed, not good enough, not capable, or fear of looking silly can bring you down. If there is one thing that I am learning it’s that you can’t live your life based on your feelings. They simply can’t be trusted! Think about it. You can go from happy to mad in less than 30 seconds. They are constantly changing and they are usually from quick assumptions. So, it’s always good to remember that emotions can get us into trouble if we don’t keep them in check. I could easily give up when I have a flood of emotions such as embarrassment of not doing a good job, making a fool of myself, worried that I didn’t really hear from God, or stressed that I’m not doing it right. A lot of times we can take the easy way out of situations. We can pull out when the going gets tough, so we won’t have to deal with the emotions, hard work, stepping out of our comfort zone, or changes that must take place.

Dreams are not like the fairy tales on television. What we don’t see behind the scenes is how many times they had to change something, replace characters, or how long it took to get it right. That’s the reality of our dream. We will change in the process, our life will change, sometimes the people in our lives will change, and we are going to have to keep pushing forward until we get it right.


Your dream will definitely be a journey, but don’t let that discourage you or give up. If you haven’t started on your dream yet, what’s holding you back? Take the first step today and we can do this together. I’ll be your support and you can be mine.

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