5 Ways to Build Classroom Community

Don’t you just love February? It’s the month for love and random acts of kindness. So, it’s the perfect time to teach your students how to spread love to others. Of course, I know we teach about kindness throughout the year but February gives us an excuse to go overboard. 


Kindness is power; the power to help someone, the power to move someone, the power to inspire someone. When you start by helping one person with kindness, you never know how far that spark will go.



We have FIVE fun activities to help your students learn how to show others how much they mean to them through acts of kindness.


Students can brainstorm ways to be kind at school and create a kindness web. This is a great time to make an anchor chart with all the different ways that the students can show kindness to others. Download the kindness map by clicking on the picture below.

Students can place sweet notes in a compliment jar. This is a super easy way for students to recognize their classmates for things they do well or for what others notice about them.



Have students think of ways they can treat others to create classroom harmony. Students can write their ideas on heart cutouts.Then you can place them on a bulletin board, the classroom door, or throughout the room as a reminder of how to keep the harmony.



Have students write ways they can stand up against bullies on a shoe cut out. If you need some great books to share about bullying to get the lesson started, check out We Are Teachers here to find a list of 14 books that are perfect for addressing this very important topic in the classroom. 



Use cactus cutouts and have students write ways we can stick together and be a team. Teamwork makes the dream work!



We hope that this gives you all some ideas to help your classroom community overflow with love!


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